Food and Body Image


Improving our body image and relating to food in a more positive way can be challenging. We can want nothing more then to just feel at peace with food and our bodies, while still being stuck in the cycle of yo yo dieting, over/under eating, and becoming more and more extreme in how we relate to food. You can develop a new relationship with food and your body, as well as address the issues that are lying underneath these concerns! I want to help you have a more positive relationship with food, your body, and most importantly, with yourself. 

Therapy Might Be Helpful If You:

  • Have a love-hate relationship with food and your body

  • Feel like you are spending too much time thinking about food, what foods you can or can't eat, and labeling foods as good or bad

  • Would like to find a sense of freedom and peace when it comes to food, and to develop a more positive relationship with your body

  • Feel like you are always hopping from diet to diet

  • Are spending a lot of time counting calories/macros/points

  • Are struggling with binge eating or not allowing yourself certain foods

  • Feel “out of control” with food

  • Over exercise to "make up for" foods you have eaten

  • Are frequently criticizing what you see in the mirror

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