Substance Abuse


Feeling like you no longer have control over how much you drink or use (even though you can see the negative impact it is having on your life), is incredibly challenging. This cycle can feel hopeless. You may feel powerless, and unable to make the changes you want to make. You are not alone! 

 You can develop the skills to live a happy, sober, and fulfilled life without the use of drugs and alcohol. You can put an end to these old behaviors that are controlling how you live your life, and move toward the things that using drugs and alcohol were holding you back from. You can live the life you find yourself hoping for.

Therapy Might Be Helpful If You:

  • Find yourself routinely needing to use substances to "wind down" at the end of the day

  • Have strong cravings for alcohol or other drugs

  • Frequently drink or use more then you intended to initially

  • Feel like your use of substances is getting in the way of accomplishing things you would like to in your life

  • Notice that in spite of drugs and alcohol causing problems in your life, you are struggling to not drink or use

  • Are finding that your substance use is affecting your relationships with loved ones, your work performance, or your health

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