New Year New Me? No Thank You!

The holidays are officially over and now is the time of year many of us start focusing on our resolutions. For so many people, these resolutions include weight loss. The weight loss industry is on to this, so for the next few weeks we will be bombarded by ads for weight loss programs, and quick fixes like wraps, pills, and shakes. Our social media feeds get flooded with people talking about their latest diet regime of choice, (I’ve already seen numerous people post about having started the whole 30 on social media in the past couple days and I’ve really done a lot of work around cleaning up my feeds!)  

Maybe even more problematic is the message underlying all the new year new you talk that goes on this time of year. The message that we are not good enough as we are now. I just want to put a reminder out there that this is not true. Despite the messages we get this time of year, you are enough just as you are. You do not need to make a resolution to lose weight (or any other resolution for that matter if you don’t feel called to!)

For those of us that are trying to eat more mindfully, this time of year even more than ever I think a social media detox is probably the best place to start to prevent slipping back into dieting. Unfollow those accounts that are triggering to you. Change the channel when weight loss commercials come on, maybe even taking a break from social media all together for a week (or even longer) if you feel that’s needed. I will say the next few weeks will likely be a time of limited social media for me and would encourage others to think about doing the same. If nothing else if you are on your Facebook, Twitter etc. and start to feel bad about yourself, feel sad, depressed etc. turn it off, take a break, and clear your mind a little bit-you’ll be glad you did.  

Questions about dealing with all the dieting that comes with the new year or anything else food and body related? Feel free to get in touch!