Halloween Woes

It’s hard to think about Halloween without thinking about candy.  Lots and lots of candy.  For people who are struggling with their relationship with food and their bodies, this often results in either denying ourselves or over indulging in sweet treats.. One thing I’ve noticed that seems to add an extra layer of challenge is the idea that because the holidays are special. We can feel it’s our “only chance” to eat foods we wouldn’t enjoy the rest of the year. We also can get into I’ve been so “good” all year I deserve..(insert all the chocolate or whatever the desired food is here) thinking. Because we often associate holidays with binging, there is often this desire to “Get back on track” as holidays wind to a close. This can again lead to thoughts around this being our “last chance” for foods that are presented to us. In other words, more “last supper” type thinking.

So how do we avoid some of these diet mentality thinking traps on this holiday?

Thinking about what we would really enjoy and would nourish our bodies is always helpful but can be especially helpful to keep in mind on a holiday. For example, if some chocolate today truly sounds good to you great, enjoy! If you find you are snacking on chocolate because well..it’s there and it’s Halloween, maybe it’s time to take a pause and evaluate whether you want to continue.

It’s also ok if you don’t feel like eating foods that are typical on a holiday and there is no need to pressure yourselvf to. Don’t feel like candy today? Not a problem! Not wanting stuffing on Thanksgiving? That’s ok! What would satisfy you is the question. Today and every day.

Questions about navigating the holidays or any other food/body related questions? Feel free to get in touch!