But I'm Afraid To Eat All The Foods

The idea of eating all foods in moderation can be a very hard concept to sit with, In fact, for many of us, it can be down-right scary! For those of us with an eating disorder/dieting history, it really can feel like something we can’t possibly accomplish. Many of us come into trying to eat more mindfully with a huge list of foods we “don’t eat” and feel quite a bit of pressure to eat completely without restriction right away.

One piece of this that I think is too often ignored however, is that it is perfectly ok to not feel comfortable with all foods right away! In fact, I would say for most of us this is the place we need to start. We may in fact actually be the most successful with eating intuitively if we don’t try to get there (whatever “there” is) all at once. It’s ok to take small steps out of our comfort zone with food that gradually build on each other. It may take longer to get to that ultimate destination, but we also don’t need to become a champion mindful eater overnight. Maybe that win with mindful eating for today is picking one food you normally don’t eat that you enjoy to give a try. That is absolutely enough!


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