Avoiding Diets In The New Year

Avoiding dieting can be difficult during the best of times. During January however, this can feel especially difficult with the onslaught of commercials for diet programs and products (I’m looking at you Weight Watchers), as well as it feeling as though absolutely everyone we know is dieting. Add to this all the “new year new me” pressure that comes along in January!  We are absolutely bombarded (even more than usual), with dieting messages this month. This means it can be very easy to find ourselves slipping back into unhealthy behaviors around food.

So, what can help us not slip into the dieting trap during this time of year? One thing that many people find helpful is doing a digital detox. Taking a break from social media, tv, etc. can drastically help cut down on the diet messaging we receive in January or any other time of year. Unfollowing diet message laden social media accounts, unsubscribing to marketing e-mails etc. is incredibly helpful as well.

It also is helpful to think about how we can set some boundaries with the people around us. It is ok to let those close to us know that we aren’t wanting to hear about their dieting efforts. We can also suggest doing activities that don’t involve food. If we know that having lunch with that friend would likely lead to talk of diets calories counts etc. then it may be worth planning something else to do together.

Additionally, if we enjoy setting goals for the new year, it can be helpful to set some goals that do not focus on our bodies, weight etc. Having other things to focus on can be helpful in keeping the focus off our weight and our bodies.

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