Do I Need Rehab?

The idea of going to inpatient treatment is a daunting prospect and one many people try to avoid if at all possible. (Often to the point of it having some pretty serious consequences). So how do we know it’s time to consider inpatient treatment as an option? There are several things to think about. Firstly, are you drinking/using daily and experiencing withdrawal? If so, it is likely that you will need inpatient to stop and do so safely. Another question to ask yourself is have you tried less intensive treatment and not been successful in quitting drinking/using long term? If so, then it also might be time to give inpatient treatment some more thought.

As I stated previously, considering inpatient treatment is often not an easy choice to make and it is a decision that is often made even harder by the realities of daily life.  Having a job and worries about losing it is often a large deterrent for people. Another common issue when considering inpatient is having young children and worrying about who will care for them in your absence. These are legitimate concerns certainly. Some inpatient facilities will allow children to come, but they are few and far between. Some employers are more willing to help their employees struggling with substance abuse then others.

 Another all too frequent obstacle is the limited space in inpatient facilities and the resulting wait for a bed date. One thing that can be very helpful is working with a therapist or outpatient treatment center. These professionals have more knowledge about facilities in the area that meet your needs, as well as the ability to communicate with inpatient facilities on your behalf if you so choose. Which while not eliminating these obstacles, can certainly make them easier to over come. Additionally, they are a wonderful resource if you are unsure if inpatient or outpatient treatment would be a better fit for you.

Questions about inpatient treatment or anything else addiction or recovery related? Feel free to get in touch!