I Need Treatment But I Have To Work

One issue that comes up often with those struggling with addiction is recognizing that they need treatment of some sort to be successful at getting or remaining sober, but worry that they will not be able keep their job if they do.  This is a hard situation to be in whether someone is considering inpatient or outpatient treatment. Of course, not all those who enter treatment are working, but for people who are, this can be a stumbling block to getting what they need to get and stay sober. So how does someone struggling with addiction find a way to keep their job and get the help they need?

 The first thing I would say in response to this question is that it is important to be realistic about how much help you really need. It may be that continuing to work and get the help you need is an option, but it also may not be. The next thing that’s important in this process is to be aware of your employment rights/options and taking advantage of them if available. Going to inpatient rehab does not necessarily mean losing a job for example, and some insurance plans will help cover the cost of treatment. Another thing to keep in mind if outpatient treatment is an option is that there are facilities out there who offer groups later in the day for those who work.

Also, 12 step meetings are held very frequently and often have early in the morning as well as late in the evening options. There are also therapists who see clients on weekends. Regardless of what the support needed is going to look like, there are options. The most important thing is that we are honest about what we are really going to need to be successful. It does take some work, but we can find treatment that can fit into a work schedule. Most importantly, continuing to use or relapse will make any job you do have harder to keep!

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